• Adrienne Fenton

How it all began

People often ask what drove me to become a Baby Sleep Consultant. The short answer is sleeplessness!

My name is Adrienne; I am your Baby Sleep Consultant, and the face behind The Night Shift. I am one third of a family trio, based in Darfield, New Zealand, with my husband Reece and daughter Evelyn. Evelyn is only just 3 but she is pretty much the entire reason I am here with you today!

The crux of it all is that we hit the 4 month sleep regression (yes it’s a real thing...) and all the settling in arms and feeding to sleep that we’d been doing suddenly stopped working for us and we didn’t have a clue what to do next. People kept telling us that being tired and having disrupted nights was what parenting is all about so we kept waiting, hoping sleep, and life, would improve. Six weeks later it hadn’t improved, and sleep deprivation was starting to affect our mental health. We had a friend that had used a Baby Sleep Consultant and we realised we needed one too. Lauren arrived at our doorstep a week or so later, stayed with us overnight and showed us how to settle and resettle Evelyn during the day and overnight. I can’t pretend it was an easy 2 weeks, because it wasn’t. But after 2 weeks working with our Baby Sleep Consultant, we were waking only once or twice a night for a feed and day naps were becoming more predictable in time and length. The more we implemented the advice provided to us, and the more we were consistent, the more the results improved!

There was no silver bullet, Lauren wasn’t a fairy with a magic wand. It took hard work and commitment, but it worked. And do you know what? Fast forward 2 years and the tips and tricks that Lauren taught us continue to work. The short term determination really has resulted in long term sleep success, for all of us. And it can work for you too!

Over the last few years I have met so many parents and too many of us have a similar story. Lack of sleep, feelings of helplessness, confusion around what the best way is, and a lack of real support during what should be a time bonding and love. Tired of hearing more and more of these same stories, here I am today. I am a certified Baby Sleep Consultant ready and excited to be part of the solution and help you achieve a better way of life for you and your family.

I’m sharing my story with you now, because I want you to know that I get it. Lack of sleep is hard. Parenting is hard. And sometimes those two truths combine to make life really really hard. The good news is parenting doesn’t have to be a sleepless haze of unpredictable turmoil. There are ways to support your baby to get the sleep they need to thrive and improve everyone’s quality of life.

The Night Shift is here for you. To listen to you. To support you. To help you rest well, to live well.

So that's what brings me here. What brings you here today? How can I help?

Stay tuned to this Blog to learn about Baby Sleep and join me on this journey as we build a Village to support families.

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