The Night Shift is passionate about finding solutions that work for you! We offer a variety of packages to suit your family’s situation. Each package is designed to take the guesswork out of your Baby’s sleep and help you all to rest well, to live well.

All packages will allow us the time to get to know one another and discuss your family’s specific sleep goals. The solutions discussed and Sleep Plan provided will empower you with the tips, tools and techniques you need to establish good sleep now and into the future. Backed by science, proven by evidence and implemented with love.


The Night Shift understands that every child brings their own temperament, preferences and challenges so we will customise a solution that will work for you, your Baby, your parenting style and your family dynamic. 


The key to all Sleep Coaching solutions is consistency. To be consistent, you need to be comfortable with the service and solutions that we choose for you right from the start. If you have any questions about the process or to discuss if sleep coaching is right for you, please contact me today.


Browse the packages below to find an option that will work for your family!

  • Phone Consultation

    3x 30 minute phone calls over 5 days
    • Any age
    • General sleep advice
    • Brainstorm one or two minor sleep concerns
    • Does not include a personalised sleep plan
  • Newborn Home Visit

    2 hours
    • Supports you through your newborn’s first few months at home
    • Set yourself up for success before baby arrives
    • A wonderful baby shower gift
  • Daytime Home Visit

    2 hours
    • 4 months or older
    • Personalised sleep plan
    • Discuss your questions and concerns in detail
    • Discuss solutions that work for your family
  • Bedtime Home Visit

    3 hours
    • 4 months or older
    • Personalised sleep plan
    • Support and guidance during bedtime settling
    • 5pm-8pm or 6pm-9pm
  • Nighttime Home Visit

    6 hours
    • 4 months or older
    • Personalised sleep plan
    • Supporting you through bedtime settling and initial wakings
    • 6pm-12am
  • Overnight Home Visit

    12 hours
    • 4 months or older
    • Personalised sleep plan
    • I’m there to guide you every step of the way
    • Peace of mind through the night
    • 6pm-6am
  • Client Add On

    3x 30 minutes
    • Add to the end of a package as a 3rd week
    • Tune up after finishing any of the other packages
    • Does not include a personalised sleep plan

All home based packages include:

  • Personalised sleep plan

  • 4x follow up phone calls/email (days 1, 3, 7, 10) during business hours

  • Review of your Nursery and tips on how to establish a positive sleep environment

  • Positive sleep habits and pre sleep rituals

  • Sleep routines and setting age appropriate expectations

  • Settling techniques

  • Addressing your specific questions and concerns 

  • Travel costs included within 50km