Perhaps you want tips to set up good sleep habits before baby arrives. Perhaps sleep was going well but its recently taken a backwards step and you want to discuss how to get it back on track. Maybe your brain feels foggy and you can’t remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep. Or maybe you just want an ear to listen to what you are experiencing. Whatever brings you here to chat about sleep, welcome to The Night Shift!


My name is Adrienne and I am a certified Baby Sleep Consultant. I was tired once. My experience with my own Newborn rewrote what I thought it meant to be tired. And just as a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant helped my family find our rhythm, where everyone achieved the sleep they needed to thrive; I am here to help you!


Together we will discuss and resolve the questions and concerns that you may have with regards to your Baby’s sleep. We will discuss sleep environment, props, awake windows, feeding, growth, and more to build a full picture of your Baby. I will tailor a Sleep Plan that works with your Baby’s biological sleep patterns and aligns with your parenting style. 


Parents suffer a lot of judgment from all sorts of places which often leaves parents feeling isolated. The Night Shift is not one of those places! It is so important to me that you feel supported and empowered to achieve your sleep goals while still maintaining your own voice and your own family’s values. 


Parenting can be hard, but we do not have to accept that we must be sleep deprived to be a caring, nurturing parent. Sleep is a biological imperative, for all of us. Without good sleep it is easy to focus on the “parenting is hard” aspect and miss the wonderful moments that parenting brings. Let me help you and your family, rest well to live well.