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My name is Adrienne and I am an Internationally Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant.  And just as a Baby Sleep Consultant helped my family find our rhythm, where everyone achieved the sleep they needed to thrive; I am here to help you!

The right solution for you

I am passionate about finding solutions that work for you! There are no one size fits all solutions here. I offer a variety of packages to suit your family’s situation. Each package is designed to take the guesswork out of your baby’s sleep and help you all to rest well, to live well.

Thank you for all the positive feedback and reassurance along the way it has made it very easy to know what to do and my back is very thankful.

Becky – Darfield

Thank you for your all your help. I definitely wouldn't have had the motivation to do it alone and I know I would've caved on day one. 

Shona – Auckland

The last two weeks have been very beneficial for us! Thank you so so much for the help and the tips we have received.

Ashleigh – Lincoln